The AI Operating System
for Additive Manufacturing

Matta Cloud OS is our core product offering. Control your fleet, schedule print jobs, monitor progress and access AI-enabled insights, all within an intuitive and easy-to-use MES package.

Our AI Research unlocks new capabilities for additive manufacturing

Based-upon cutting-edge research at the University of Cambridge, Matta's AI platform brings machine intelligence to any 3D printer.

Detect and correct errors in real-time

Our revolutionary computer vision system detects errors and diagnoses their causes in real-time, allowing for autonomous closed-loop correction.

Feed-forward improvements for subsequent prints

Our algorithms determine process parameter alterations for increased quality. We generate new G-code with updated parameters - no need to re-slice!

Harness deep insights into your manufacturing operations

Ensure maximum efficiency with machine health analysis, automated equipment allocation and all-time statistics.

Learn how to print any material

Matta's AI is trained to understand fundamental physical aspects of the AM process. Our system has demonstrated it can learn how to print TPU, ABS-X, and mayonnaise with no prior knowledge of the materials.

Control your fleet from anywhere

Connect your additive equipment to the cloud. Remote control of your equipment via our cloud platform ensures top quality manufacturing and monitoring, round the clock.

Coming Summer 2023

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