We're teaching AI to manufacture

At Matta, we are building cutting-edge AI to unlock the full capabilities of additive manufacturing to transform how entire industries operate.


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Our AI technology is making waves and the industry is getting excited.

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Matta was founded at the University of Cambridge by a team of scientists and engineers trained at Cambridge, MIT, and Imperial.

Douglas Brion
Chief Executive
Sebastian Pattinson
Chief Scientist
Tom Walker
Product Lead

Building AI to manufacture the impossible

At Matta we are building deep learning software to realise the full potential of 3D printing, enabling additive manufacturing to spearhead the next industrial revolution. The company's technology and algorithms are based on revolutionary work by a team of engineers and scientists at Cambridge. Our self-learning AI platform provides the most advanced quality control, error detection, and correction whilst being completely generalisable across materials, machines, and geometries. Ultimately, we are working on applying our learning algorithms end-to-end, from design to manufacture, enabling the creation of highly complex products with unrivalled consistency.